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Ivan Brezak Brkan

Ivan Brezak Brkan

Ivan just to be well known as „blogger without blog“ , but today he is founder and editor at leading regional blog „Netokracija“ dedicated to web business, marketing and culture newly established international version of “Netocratic”.

He initiated first regional workshop dedicated to professional use of social networks “Tweetokracija” and “Faceokracija”, and trough them and his own company “Acumen Connect” he was improving brands such as: “Kolektiva”,”Bonbona”,”Vichya” and” .Me “ and help them use new internet trends in business and promotion.

He represents regional startup at regular basis through “Netokracija” and help people as mentor for European accelerator “Seedcamp” and regional associate for European “Techcrunch”. He will speak at BlogOpen about marketing, blogging about startup, companies and corporations based on experience that he get working for Microsoft, .Me and others.

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