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BlogOpen 2008

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The blogosphere in the region is progressing at a steady pace. The number of blogs is increasing on a daily basis, both in personal and specialized blogs, and blogging format is being used for other types of sites as well. Together with the development of the Internet and computer science, the proliferation of blogs asks its own questions which demand prompt responses. And who better to answer those questions about the blogosphere than its participants – bloggers?

Behind all this is an idea of organizing a regional convention of bloggers. When we realized last spring in Pančevo that we can in fact get together and that we have things to talk about, we decided to push this forward.

BlogOpen has been originally intended as a series of events to let bloggers get together in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, get to know each other, talk about their experiences, ideas and foster collaborations. A somewhat more official tone to these meetings will be given by a number of talks about the blogosphere, Internet, World Wide Web, computer science in general, as well as the society itself, whose development is related to the information technologies. Apart from that, we also plan to have round table events on the topics important to the blogosphere, which should come to represent a recognizable element of the BlogOpen convention, as well as to organize group actions of a wider social impact.

Fitting to its name, BlogOpen is a manifestation that is open for ideas, suggestions and cooperation. It is open for all the people who want to participate in the organization of the event, those who would like to communicate something to the blogosphere, and those who want to hear something interesting and new. BlogOpen is also open for those who just want to meet others with either similar or different views, but having one thing in common – keeping their own blog!

About This Fall’s BlogOpen

When: October 4–5 2008.

WhereBor, Brestovačka banja

This fall’s BlogOpen is a regional friendly and professional meeting of bloggers which has, since last fall, been on the calendar of regular annual meetings of all the participants in blogosphere: authors, readers, IT workers and mainstream media.


1. Discussion about the topics and problems characteristic of this manner of public communication;

2. Realization of virtual communication in real, public space;

3. Calling wider public’s attention to this mode of authors’ presence and to the importance of an information society;

4. Promotion of an information society, electronic communication and the role of Internet as a source of information, educative tool, interpersonal networking and fostering of democracy;

5. Making notice of the most significant and most successful blogging authors and their impact as creators of public opinion and as sources of information.

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  • Robert Basic. Robert Basic (42), born in Croatia, father of two sons, lives in Frankfurt/Germany. Ex-employee of the Deutsche Bank, since 2002 self-employed. Blogging like crazy, web-consulting companies mostly conceptionally, more and more rarely programming stuff. Funny sidenote: Called the No.1-Blog in Germany, hey, as an Ex-Yugo, could be the only foreigner worldwide leading a national Blogosphere. But indeed, i am no more Yugoslavian or Croatian. My passport tells im a German. So its just a half bizarre thing 😉
  • Oliver Gassner. Oliver Gassner (44), online since 1988, still remembers the time
    before webpages. Netizen, writer and pro-blogger. Consults
    individuals, organizations and companies on social web issues,
    blogging and self-management.
  • Peter Stykov . “I’m 28 and I work in an NGO (non-government organization) dealing with local government, I graduated in archeology and marketing. I started actively participating in the blogosphere about a year and a half ago, but my blog quickly (and to my great surprise) became one of the most popular and by far the most commented blog in Bulgaria. It covers a vast variety of topics and people say its pretty controversial, but all I’m trying to do with it is to spread and defend the libertarian views of society and economics, and to promote freedom and liberty of mind.”
  • Slobodan Marković. Born in 1977 in Belgrade.
    In 1998 he started Internodium forum, communication platform for the members of Yugoslav Internet community. Forum is intended for dealing with and discussing actual questions of development policy and application of information-communication technologies in our country. At this moment, Internodium is the biggest forum of its kind in the region of former Yugoslavia and gathers over 600 experts from different fields of information and communication technologies (engiineers, managers, lawyers, politicians, University professors, journalists etc. ).
    In 2001, Slobodan founded Centar za razvoj Interneta (Center for Internet development), a Belgrad non-government and non-profit organization, organizing and supporting activities related to providing citizens equal possibilities for using Internet, protecting rights on free manner on expressing oneself, free choice and protection of privacy; accelerater Internet development on the basis of open standards and free competition. The Center operates within Globalne inicijative za politiku Interneta (Global Initiative for Internet polica), an international network of similar organizations in more than 20 countries all over the world, that enables it direct access to practical world experience
  • Saša Radojčić. Member of Serbian PEN centre, Serbian Literature Association and Association of Writers of Vojvodina . Editor in “ Matica srpska Chronicle”. Cofounder and editor of web site Metafora…
    Published five books of poems, two books of literature specimen and critisism and a Study on Jovan Sterija Popović poetry. Translated several phylosophy books from German language. Works at Teacher training College in Sombor
  • Bane Dimitrijević. Born in 1961, in Bor, where he still lives and works.
    Published six books of stories and poems. Edited Antology of blog-stories “THE BEST OF THE KIŠOBRAN” («THE BEST OF THE UMBRELLA»).
    Publishes columns, essays as well as stories and poems in several magazines. Permanent associate of the following sites: Optšina Bor (Bor Municipality), Književnost (Literature), Prozaonline (Proseonline), Tragovi (Traces).
    Founder and editor of literature blog Kišobran – književnost na struju (Umbrella- electrical literature)
  • Danica Radovanović / Belgrade, Serbia
    Danica Radovanovic is a PhD candidate in digital communications studies at University of Belgrade. Known as web activist and researcher in social media and web, social networking systems, blogging in science and education, e-resources, e-learning, digital literacy, Danica pioneered the development of first listservs in academia in 90’s, electronic magazines in the early ’00, first institutional science blog in Serbia.
    She writes for Global Voices Online,, and publishes articles and papers in magazines and journals on information technology, Web 2.0, e-learning, online communities, electronic publishing.
    Danica is lecturer and instructor at School of Web Journalism.
    She is blogger since 2002 and maintains her blog on social web, information/ technology, media, culture at web sites: Belgrade and Beyond , Twitter musings.

 [/tab][tab]Jedna od karakteristika manifestacije BlogOpen su i akcije koje pomažu široj društvevnoj zajednici, u smislu realizacije trenutnih, odnosno, konkretnih pomoći svih učesnika susreta prema „stvarnom“ svetu koji često nije ružičast.

Učesnici BlogOpena 2008, kao i organizatori, koordiniraće podršku akciji doniranja kostne srži. Neko iz Zavoda za transfuziju Srbije će se obratiti učesnicima skupa i objasniti važnost akcije, a građani Bora i učesnici BlogOpena će imati priliku da se, ako žele, prijave kao donori u toku manifestacije.[/tab][tab]


  • Oliver Gassner & Robert Basic: Blogs and The World Revolution
  • Oliver Gassner & Robert Basic: Bloging and Making Money
  • Ljubiša Bojić & friends: School of Web Journalism

Panel discussions

  • Branislav Dimitrijević & Saša Radojčić: Literature on blogs
  • Slobodan Marković, Oliver Gassner, Peter Stykov & somebody from Croation and maybe Romania: Electronic supervision of Internet communication in EU countries as well as potential EU countries


  • Branisalv Dimitrijević: Creative writing
  • There will be organized two more workshops according to partiriant interest as well as organizor posibility


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